Saturday, April 08, 2006

McKinney Shove Versus The Bush Leak

I've decided that the particular political strategy of this administration is the "smoke screen." I think they discovered it with 9/11. You know, when everything that the country had been lambasting the president for was suddenly forgotten as the media focused on the disaster? Remember that half the country was calling his presidency stolen and calling for recount after recount? Then the disaster. Then, we haven't talked about a re-count since. A new strategy was developed.

Do anyone of us remember what was going on as a popular televangelist called for the assassination of a head of state? Have we forgotten that just as Cindy Sheehan had the presidents balls to the wall, as they say, Pastor Pious decides that he is going to call for the murder of Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela? Then, as quickly as it happened, we just stopped talking about it, shortly after we stopped talking about Cindy Sheehan.

The gay marriage debate is pure gold for the GOP. Whenever they need a smoke screen they just introduce legislation in a different state or get George Bush, to threaten a constitutional amendment that he does not have the power to realize. Here in Georgia we rallied around the gays in a frenzy of door to door canvassing and get-out-the-vote campaigning as some of the most regressive legislation in history slipped right under our noses into the laws of our state along with the anti-gay marriage amendment.

Now Cynthia McKinney is being used by the GOP. How many congressman/women have been through that security check point? How many have tried to by-pass it and been stopped? How many have "tussled" with an officer? We don't even know what "tussled" means. We hear the words Tussled and Struck and we create a scenario in our heads but really she could have attempted to remove his grip from her arm or she could have punched him in the face. What do "tussle" and "Struck" mean.

What's most interesting about the media coverage of Cynthia McKinney's "Tussle" with a capital police officer is that recently evidence has been emerging that the president of these united states and a top aide, Rumsfield, were responsible for leaking the identity of an undercover CIA officer for political revenge. Yesterday on the cover of the New York Times we saw that there is now EVIDENCE. But as this situation is brushed under the rug we will be talking instead about the conspiracy against McKinney and how the Republicans want to capture all of the redistricted seats in congress. Or about how they have to try to keep a strong hold of the house in the wake of anti republican backlash.

But I know that this is not about McKinney or congress at all. It's about re-focusing the media away from what they and the country should be focusing on right now.

You may ask: "What, exactly, should the country be focusing on?"

Answ: Evidence that George W. Bush is worthy of impeachment!

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