Saturday, December 23, 2006

Gay Racism At It's Best

Chris Crain, the good ole boy former editor of Southern Voice is at it again with his special brand of radical race bating and white man cluelessness. His article "Where's The Truth in Humor?" which appears in the San Franciso Bay Times skirts dangerously close to advocating for the public use of the "N word" among lesbians and gays; at least until Blacks stop being homophobic.

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T. Zac said...

I deal with a bunch of gay white men on many levels. I find that if one of them is inclined to be a racist he justifies it with saying Black people are homophobic. Usually, this racist was rejected because of his homosexual orientation by his racist family that happen to be general bigots. Often they don't see the connection.

Anonymous said...
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