Monday, August 01, 2005


With nervous hands
Trepidation shapes
Sensations and moments
Like clay
Fired to perfection
Broken by uncertainty

Intimacy has become
His slave
To his will
No longer daring to venture into
The spaces and moments
She is native too

On the other side of this touch…

Underneath this caress…

Hidden inside of this feeling…

Micro demons lay, ready to
Insight riots in my blood

Every sacred stroke
Hallowed kiss
Blessed moan
Has been tainted by
What if?

What if…
What if…
What if…

latex has been compromised?
I am point zero two percent?
Abstinence should have been my choice?

What if…
What if…

This kiss gives way
To viral blemish?
Bacterial ooze is waiting
Behind this blow job?

What if…

I thrust my tongue deep
Into places deemed
Inappropriate without

Just for a chance to
Actually taste him
My tongue dancing to the symphony
of labored breath?

I ride his dick
And unsheathed
Fucked in trust?

I relish
The taste of his skin
The warmth of his semen
Rolling down my throat?

I snub the dangers
Promised by blood
And bite
Just too deep
Into his nipple?

If he bathes my insides…

With the cascading streams
Of holy fluid
Never to be spilled?

Ecstasy, intimacy,
And notions
Thought much to brave
In this age?

What if we fucked without fear?
What if we fucked fearlessly?
What if we could
Throw danger, out the window
With her sister trepidation
Dance in the face of promised
Fucking without fear,
Fuck fearlessly?

Kevin E. Bynes

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