Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Debates! Kerry VS Bush

What's interesting to me about George Bush is that he is a republican. Don't republicans believe most strongly that government should not have a role in people's personal lives? Well what's his deal with gay marriage? Now most who know me know that I believe that the whole issue is a fucked up smoke screen and that I am far from gay marriage advocate but I take any opportunity to point out GW's hypocrisy.

Bush says that he does not believe in “legislating his faith” however he's introduced legislation that would ad anti gay and anti gay marriage language to the constitution. Marriage is between a man and a woman and he supports a constitutional amendment to protect that belief. Hmmm. Marriage between a man and a woman is a particularly Judeo-Christian tenant. If this does not qualify as legislating one’s faith I can't imagine what would. Need I go into his position on Roe Vs Wade? His belief against abortion is firmly rooted in his Christian faith.

I've figured out that republicans believe in the form of government that suites them best at the time. If over involved invasive government supports their agenda, in the moment, then that is the kind of government they believe in. If smaller government that is less involved in people's personal lives (no universal health care) suits their agenda, in the moment, then that is the kind of government they believe in.

The double talk party!

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