Wednesday, June 16, 2004

A good book

I think that I would rather have a good book than good sex. LOL I'm serious. I am reading this book now called My Soul To Keep by tanarive due. I really don't know if my assessment is acurate because it comes after the drudging work reading Alice Walker new Now Is The Time To Open Your Heart. The book is a lovely sentiment really but Alice has done much better. I mean there was not a single plot. The book has no plot. Can you imagine trying to read a book that has not a single plot to compell your reading onward. I don't think that this a a good direction for alice walker. I mean By the light of my father's smile had a very weak plot that did nothing for me and now this. Now is the time to write another good book. Really after Meridian, Temple, and Purple, let's not even talk about The THird Life of Grang Coapland. Aren't artist suposed to get better as time goes by? Not only is she really not a nice person, I've met her several times to get books autographed at signings and she is very un-friendly. She's said some pretty snyde things to me that she would probably not even remember, but I've always lived for her writing. I mean Grang Copeland was transformative. If every Black Man on the planet could read that 1 book I think that we would transform over night. But this.

At any rate I was talking about Tananarive Due's My Soul TO Keep. This book is wonderful. I mean Black Fantasy-Fiction. Who ever writes this. I mean with contemporary Black characters, references to black pop culture, and a mythology that deals with Black men from North Africa who have been bestowed with the gift of immortality through a ritual in which the "Blood of Christ" has been injected into them at the moment just before they died from ingesting poison laced bread. Now they move as a society of immortals bound together by blood and secrets. I love it. I've never read anything like it. Cept Octavia Butler of course. Alice walker touched that way a little with the Temple of My Familiar.

Any ways. I'm tired of writing more to come.


malik said...

Glad you latched onto Tananarive Due's work. My Soul to Keep is one of my favorites. Hmm ... as a matter of fact, i think i'll go back to my blog and update the book listing in my profile to reflect that. Thanks for the reminder!

Let me know when you finish the book. (And when you move on to The Living Blood.)


Charles said...

Crab People!!!!! Crab People!!!!! Crab People!!!!

TheBlacks said...

Try reading T. Due's "The Good House," -- It was an excellent read.